Schloss THALHEIM | Thalheim 22, 3141 Kapelln, Austria | +43 2784 200 79

Our Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding in a castle

Teambuilding activities are the perfect addition to your seminar at THALHEIM Castle.
Would you like to have a good time together with your employees and work on the team spirit?

We offer the following activities:

  • Wine tasting in our wine cellar
  • Schnaps- & liqueur tasting
  • Yoga classes in our yoga room
  • Teatime at the teahouse
  • Strolling through our castle gardens
  • Cooking together with our chef in the restaurant "Zum Weißen Ritter"
  • Helicopter flights, hiking with alpacas and much more


Our partner for teambuilding activities

© TEAMbuilder

With TEAMbuilder we have found the perfect partner for pushing our teambuilding activities to the next level! Whether "Beat the Boss", "Escape the Hotel" or "Team Olympics" - there is a suitable experience for every company.
Every team and every company is different, therefore TEAMbuilder can individualize the activities depending on the company goal and number of participants.
Do you want to strengthen the trust among each other, improve the communication or make the values and mission statements of the company tangible? Do you want to improve processes and procedures in the company or just have fun together? Depending on the individual company goal, TEAMbuilder can offer you the right teambuilding activity.

Here you can find all experience programs and teambuilding modules of TEAMbuilder!


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