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Rooms and suites at Schloss THALHEIM

Stay in stylish rooms at Schloss THALHEIM

You will love Schloss THALHEIM! The vast grounds with lots of gardens and a large park with even a stream flowing through it and the hotel's historical ensemble of buildings are unique! The rooms and suites where you can stay are just as unique!

Provençal style rooms

The distinctive interior design style of Provence has been fascinating and enchanting people for centuries and it has long since conquered a place among the most popular interiors internationally with its unique charm. Cosy, inviting, low-key rustic, extremely romantic and with a strong emphasis on nature – that's what living à la Provence stands for and this style is therefore absolutely ideal for your stay at Schloss THALHEIM. As the bright rooms inside the historical walls furnished with elegant natural materials, comfortable furniture, sensuous fabrics in light shades of stone, blue, lilac and green typical of Provence and lots of lovingly arranged accessories go perfectly with Schloss THALHEIM's wonderful park and gardens and the surrounding nature. Feel at home, relax, succumb to a journey for the soul – you don't even have to try in the Provence rooms at Schloss THALHEIM.


Double room
25 m² max.
Double room "Deluxe"
45 m² max.
Suite Provence
85 m² max.
Suite Lakshmi
85 m² max.
Flowersuite Tulip
85 m² max.
Flowersuite Magnolia
85 m² max.
Flowersuite Lily
85 m² max.
Flowersuite Hibiscus
85 m² max.
Flowersuite Orchid
85 m² max.
Prandtauer Suite Executive
440 m² max.
Thalheim Suite Executive
440 m² max.

Your stay at Schloss THALHEIM

Plan your stay at Schloss THALHEIM and see the stunning ambience of our rooms and suites for yourself. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to a relaxing time at Schloss THALHEIM. We look forward to your visit!


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