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A country house and hotel with history

Established over four centuries, ahead of its time today

Schloss THALHEIM near Kapelln is located in Lower Austria in the part of the Mostviertel region where the landscape spreads out into vast hills wonderfully close to the Danube. The country house originates in the 17th century, the foundation stone for the so-called “Altschloss” with three floors and long elongated adjoining domestic wing was probably even laid around 1600.

As the name Schloss Thalheim, or formerly Thallhamb, already implies, the historical ensemble of buildings is situated at the base of a gently sloping hill and therefore in a flat valley (T(h)al). With the opening of its doors as the Schloss Thalheim luxury hotel, this gem that has been lovingly brought back to life now exudes a totally new glamour. As a result, you and all its guests today can be part of the continuation of its long and in parts not completely reconstructible history into the 21st century too.

Formerly an idyllic country house, now a gem of a hotel near Vienna

The Schloss Thalheim hotel’s vast U-shaped designed grounds consist of a group of buildings from different eras in history. The “Altschloss” and its domestic wing were extended several times. One historical extension was built on in the 18th century, the last important one at the end of the 19th century when an additional residential wing was added.

Guests today, and perhaps you too soon, can enjoy the entire ensemble with its high hipped roofs, fireplaces and an old Khevenhüller coat of arms over the door – and lots more. As following the completed restoration, the former Schloss Thalheim riding hall, for example, is also accessible as a spacious dance hall and event room. The “Am Schlossgarten” restaurant is accommodated in the stables and tea is celebrated in the free-standing tea house in the garden.

Splendid gardens and a Baroque chapel designed by Prandtauer

The flower garden in front of Schloss THALHEIM
Stunning flower gardens surround Schloss THALHEIM

Special attention was paid to returning the adjacent gardens to full bloom with the continuation of the country house's history. A Baroque garden, rose garden and numerous other gardens surround the buildings. Incorporating the original garden architecture from the 17th century, the hill surrounding the manor house at the back now falls away in terraces again and as a park it creates a harmonious panorama when you are whiling away the hours in the Am Schlossgarten restaurant or enjoying breakfast in the sun on the terrace in front of it.

One special highlight is the Schloss Thalheim chapel designed in High Baroque style by the famous architect of Melk Abbey, Jakob Prandtauer. Celebrating a wedding there, not far from Vienna and then perhaps stepping out into the gardens with open-air stage is the ultimate dream. Jakob Prandtauer himself also found love at Schloss Thalheim back then. He married the former owner's lady-in-waiting on 21 July 1692.


Celebrating parties at Schloss Thalheim

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