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Exclusive tea house at Schloss Thalheim

Tea ceremonies, tea seminars, exquisite teas in the country house garden

The tea house in the Schloss THALHEIM gardens
Treat yourself to a cup of tea on holiday

The Schloss THALHEIM hotel presents itself as a cosmopolitan establishment near Vienna. Our doors and gates in Lower Austria are open to guests from all over the world, all requests and expectations are met. But it is also part of our basic concept to be interested in other supposedly foreign or very simply new worlds, cultures and traditions and to familiarise you with them during your holiday or visit.

The tea house at Schloss Thalheim is one particular example of this. In the historical garden pavilion opposite the hotel and restaurant building, we are dedicated to the elixir tea and its almost endless flavour and cultural aspects in a way that is still relatively unknown in this country. As exquisite tea has not only been enriching our life and health for thousands of years but also opens up a whole new world with every cup.

Schloss THALHEIM tea house
Inside the tea house - Schloss THALHEIM

Tea – the new cult drink, an ancient culture

  • Tea is the most wonderful medicine for preserving health; it is the secret of long life. (Myoan Eisai)
  • Tea is better than wine as you can drink it without getting drunk. (Tschung Mung)
  • Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. (T'ien Yiheng)

Tea time at Schloss THALHEIM

Different tea varieties are prepared for you to taste while teas from all over the world are talked about in depth. The focus is on a relaxed encounter among tea fans and the interaction of all guests who we always have a little gift prepared for. The tea house is currently closed until further notice.

Experience original tea ceremonies

The tea ceremony is a ritual act with an ancient history that is conducted by an expert master with maximum concentration following a precise sequence. At the Schloss Thalheim hotel’s tea house you can experience this in the middle of the idyllic Mostviertel region with all your senses and musical accompaniment by Chinese instruments such as the guzheng, guqin or pipa.

Tea tasting

Tea is a world of intensive aromas, flavours, colours and shapes and is presented during our tastings as part of a ceremonial preparation based on the traditional Chinese art of tea making. The atmosphere is relaxed and you should and will simply feel at home and enjoy yourself. The difference to a tea ceremony is that several explanations and more in-depth information is provided about the tea varieties being tasted. The aim is to identify the differences between the tea varieties and preparation methods and of course enjoy the tea.

The Schloss THALHEIM tea house
Enjoy the tea culture at Schloss THALHEIM

Chinese tea, culture and art

With this theme we give you the opportunity to not only get to know more about tea but also about forms of art which are rooted in Chinese history and often associated with the tea culture. And all of this just a short drive away from Vienna.

Meditation in the tea house

Silence is an important element of the tea ceremony, there is no speaking during the ceremony. On a spiritual level the understanding gained from the silence can be compared to "consciousness".

As offered by us, the combination of Qigong, Tai Chi or guided meditation and exquisite teas is not focused on teaching any knowledge about tea but on acquiring understanding.

Tea and dining

Experience the world of tea in the  Schloss Thalheim tea house. Do not hesitate to submit a non-binding enquiry or contact us by phone +43 2784 200 79 or email to experience an extraordinary holiday in the Mostviertel region in Lower Austria, near Vienna.


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