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Enchanting gardens worth experiencing at Schloss THALHEIM near Vienna

Enjoy the park and unique themed gardens

The gardens of Schloss THALHEIM
Relax in the gardens

The Schloss THALHEIM hotel's gardens near Vienna, St. Pölten and the Wachau region are a great tribute to the diversity and beauty of the flora and fauna. The extremely tasteful garden architecture also brings the Baroque spirit of the former country house grounds back to life again.

Not far from Vienna and yet in another world you can stroll around in total peace, while away the hours, spend a holiday or simply enjoy the stunning setting over a coffee on the Am Schlossgarten restaurant's terrace.

The Schloss THALHEIM gardens

The country house garden's axis on the south side gives you a view over the majestic Ötscher mountain and within the gently sloping country house grounds you will find

  • several Baroque gardens
  • the theatre garden with open-air stage, e.g. for weddings
  • the rose garden
  • fairy garden
  • and a traditional Zen garden at the foot of the tea house built into the hill.

But that's not all. Based on the historical model, plenty of space was also given to so-called domestic gardens at Schloss THALHEIM hotel too:

  • an orchard
  • herb beds and
  • vegetable garden supply you directly "from the house" as a day guest or holiday guest.

The country house hotel's own beehives also supply the finest honey.

Whether it's a day trip or indulgent holiday: gardens for any occasion

What is special about the Schloss THALHEIM hotel and the surrounding park and gardens is their harmony. The aim here was to find a balance between tradition and spirit of the time but also between visual aesthetics and practical use – and they certainly succeeded. Speaking of which: another feature in our gardens are the "boulders" – ancient rocks that found their place in the Schloss THALHEIM park many moons ago.

The Schloss THALHEIM rose garden
The Schloss THALHEIM rose garden awaits you

Overall, the result is a unique place of harmony, tranquillity and relaxation that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of dining too. Regardless of whether you're visiting us for a coffee break with cake or opting for a longer stay at Schloss THALHEIM.

Parts of the garden can of course also be used for parties and celebrations. The theatre garden in particular with its open-air stage is ideal for your wedding ceremony as a result of its superb acoustics and location – all outdoors too. The number of lovely garden details and passages also make unique photo motifs.

Discover the magic of the Schloss THALHEIM hotel and its gardens – the dream location near Vienna. The date you want is within reach with a no-obligation enquiry. Contact us at any time by telephone on +43 2784 200 79 or by email at



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