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A luxury hotel with tennis clubs nearby

Idyllically situated exclusive tennis clubs around Schloss THALHEIM

The open vast hilly landscape of the Mostviertel region near the Danube already looks perfect for a relaxing holiday at first glance. Anyone who wants to complement their stay at the Schloss THALHEIM hotel with a sophisticated game of tennis, will immediately notice that the features of the landscape might just possess the perfect conditions for quite a few tennis clubs – and they truly do.

Not far from the capital of Vienna, the Lower Austrian regional capital of St. Pölten and the Schloss THALHEIM hotel you can find several idyllically situated tennis courts or clubs with well looked after clay courts. Your tennis fun surrounded by the stunning nature of the alpine foothills is therefore literally on the doorstep of your luxury holiday at the Schloss THALHEIM hotel. Or combine it with a relaxing time-out or weekend break at our luxury hotel therefore teaming up all the amenities of a first-class hotel with your favourite sporting activity and other recreational opportunities.

Union Tennis Club Kapelln

Club Kapelln

This delightful tennis club is small but select. Here you can find two carefully maintained clay courts in a superb location – protected from the wind and always in a natural shade even on hot summer days thanks to beautiful old trees. Due to its close proximity just five kilometres away from probably the most beautiful hotel in the Mostviertel region, Schloss THALHEIM, this idyllic tennis club even offers extremely sporty guests the option of taking a long walk or cycling to the club. Which would of course be the perfect preparation for a first-class dinner at one of our restaurants.

Böheimkirchen Tennis Club

Your sports requirements and ambitions are sure to not fall short here either, if you would like to spend your holiday with tennis and lots of exercise. The Böheimkirchen tennis club is also situated just roughly five kilometres away from the Schloss THALHEIM hotel. Founded in 1956, you will find a traditional club with four well maintained clay courts in an idyllic location, namely in the middle of Böheimkirchen park. Club championships and national league games are contested here and your whole family can look forward to a game of tennis in the summer as children's courses are also offered.

UTC Ollersbach tennis club

The stunning UTC Ollersbach tennis club is not only inviting due to its three clay courts in the beautiful Mostviertel region but it also scores with its unique setting. The tennis courts, which are perfect for you as a guest at the Schloss THALHEIM hotel at just 12 kilometres away, could be created directly below the Ollersbach Marienkirche church. You are therefore also surrounded by historical walls when you combine your holiday stay at our hotel with a tennis excursion to UTC Ollersbach.

Send your no-obligation enquiry and your free time with tennis at Schloss THALHEIM can start soon. Or book your room in the Mostviertel region in comfort online and look forward to a sporty and yet relaxing time at the historical hotel.


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