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Yoga & Meditation

Find your inner peace, relax your mind, body and soul

Look forward to an extensive range of services for the mind, body and soul at Schloss THALHEIM in Kapelln.

Positive energy and inner balance

Relax in the yoga room at Schloss THALHEIM
Relax on holiday with yoga

Schloss THALHEIM has always been a very spiritual place radiating a positive energy that restores the balance between the mind, body and soul. Large parts of Schloss THALHEIM are dedicated solely to wellness and relaxation. Chill-out rooms and rooms for meditation and reflection help restore and strengthen inner balance. In addition, we offer a balanced range of spa services and treatments for hotel guests.

Yoga & Meditation at Schloss THALHEIM

Our unique yoga & meditation room is another interior architectural highlight at Schloss Thalheim and fascinatingly combines the carpentry art of the late 16th century with the elegant Asian flair of today. Here you can practice Yoga, Qi Gong and other types of exercise to regain your inner balance or activate new energy.

Visit the ancient place of energy that was once used by the Celts to recharge your batteries and achieve inner peace and contentment. Send us a non-binding enquiry and we will put together an offer to suit your request. The team at the Schloss Thalheim hotel is looking forward to welcoming you to the Mostviertel region.


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