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Schloss Thalheim chapel from the High Baroque period

Your wedding chapel with adjoining open-air stage

The Schloss THALHEIM chapel
The lovingly restored chapel

The chapel belonging to the Schloss THALHEIM hotel is a little gem in many respects. Positioned outside the U-shaped castle courtyard but connected to the main buildings, the chapel perfects the picture of Schloss Thalheim's park with its stunning gardens.

Its original structure, which the architect Jakob Prandtauer created, dates back to the High Baroque period. Jakob Prandtauer is the builder of world-famous Baroque church buildings in Lower Austria and the surrounding area, most notably Melk Abbey. And the best thing is: the Schloss Thalheim chapel has been just as lovingly restored as the whole ensemble and is now open to anyone who would like to say “I do” or celebrate any other occasion here.

Schloss Thalheim chapel: perfect scenery, private setting

Schlosshotel Thalheim
Baroque chapel during flower bloom

The Schloss Thalheim chapel is the perfect size. By offering space for about 55 people seated and 20 people standing, you can actually call it a small church. On the other hand, its size always guarantees a private setting and an extremely romantic atmosphere – not least due to the colourful stained glass windows.

The building with the single nave has an accessible slightly raised choir stall with wooden balustrade, small organ and direct access to the manor house. The chapel has a Baroque altar - and all of this not far from Vienna.

During the careful restoration of this Baroque gem, great attention was paid to largely preserving the historical structure with all its details. The only things added were pleasant amenities like heating, comfortable seating and a modern technology.

A wedding location since the High Baroque period

The traditional meets the modern in the Schloss Thalheim chapel creating a unique symbiosis. The uniqunes of this chapel was already appreciated more than 300 years ago by the builder and architect of the chapel, Jakob Prandtauer.

After completing several years of a travelling and working in Bavaria and Salzburg he entered into the service of Count Albert Ernst Gurland, the former owner of Schloss Thalheim. Prandtauer created garden sculptures and cornices first of all, then a summer house later on and finally the chapel. Today, the chapel is still preserved as originally built 300 years ago. In Thalheim he also got to know the countess' maid, Maria Elisabeth Rennberger, who he married on 21 July 1692. Roughly two decades later, Jakob Prandtauer finally gained international renown as the architect of Melk Abbey.

The chapel turns the Schloss Thalheim hotel into traditional, as well as romantic location near Vienna and St. Pölten. If you are planning your wedding and want to be sure that this will be the most wonderful day of your life, do not hesitate to submit a non-binding enquiry or contact us by phone +43 2784 200 79.


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