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Hiking and strolling in the Mostviertel region around Thalheim

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Close to urban life and yet surrounded by pure nature – the Schloss THALHEIM hotel has a premium spot in the heart of Lower Austria.

As a result it's not just worth taking up residence here as a guest for a relaxing holiday. A short weekend break or a sunny afternoon day trip coming from Vienna or St. Pölten is also more than worth it – especially if you like hiking or are looking for other outdoor leisure activities. As the Mostviertel region's scenery is just as enchanting as the romantic Baroque and country house gardens in the park at Schloss THALHEIM, where you can enjoy a wonderful stroll in between coffee and cake at our Am Schlossgarten restaurant. So come and enjoy!

Kapelln circular hiking trail

One could say this easy hike is Schloss THALHEIM's local trail as it leads around the municipality of Kapelln. Just outside the park gate at the edge of the forest you can make your way to Pönning along the Rapoltenbach stream as far as Rapoltendorf. A tarmacked path leads up the so-called "Stierschweif" and past the "Andreas Friedenswarte" towards Rassing. Along the left bank of the Perschling river you follow a meadow path as far as Kapelln sports centre and then continue on to Kapelln church square. You now head along the Petronilla stream to Etzersdorf and after crossing the road furhter towards Gutenbrunner Forest where you cross the famous Way of St. James. Once you reach Killing you then follow the Perschling river upstream as far as Katzenberg with the region's oldest church. After crossing the main road a path leads up to a meadow in Rassing. The route then continues to Obermiesting as far as the village road from where you can then get back to the Schloss THALHEIM hotel again over a meadow path.

Maria am Walde trail

This tour is something for nature lovers: explore the Haspelwald forest. This consists of a layer of Oncophora sands, named after the index fossil, the Oncophora shell. The fossil bed here formed so-called "Mugeln", small hills that create a wildly romantic scenery. One particular tree sample, which can definitely stand its ground with the ancient trees in the Schloss THALHEIM hotel park, can be found in Bründlgraben: the giant spruce. It is an impressive sight with a circumference of more than 5 m, at 45.7 m tall and weighing an estimated 14.5 tonnes. In the middle of the forest the Maria im Wald grotto with its statue of Maria in a hollowed out rootstock invites you to take a rest and reflect. However, this hike is not just interesting due to the natural forest. The village of Totzenbach presents an impressive moated castle, which has also been restored like Schloss THALHEIM and is now once again the central focus of this Mostviertel village.

The Way of St. James, Purkersdorf – Göttweig

Perhaps you could also tackle your first section of the famous Way of St. James during your holiday at the Schloss THALHEIM hotel. The marked section of the Way of St. James starts in Purkersdorf, a town in the Vienna Woods west of Vienna and leads through the Vienna Woods via Ried to Sieghartskirchen. From there you continue via Würmla to Herzogenburg Monastery, a Baroque gem in the Traisental valley. At Göttweig Abbey, which can be seen from afar, in the village Furth you reach the next section of the Way of St. James to Melk. Take your chance an spend a day hiking on this historical route.

The Pyhra Celtic tree circle trail

Not far from the Schloss THALHEIM hotel there is a perfect variety-packed circular hike through fields, meadows and little woods along the Perschling river. Find the tree in the Celtic tree circle that is allocated to your date of birth. Enjoy a sedate afternoon, the fascinating world of trees and their undeniable powers during your holiday. There is even a Gothic church with beautiful Renaissance graves along the way.

Hike up to the Hegerberg

Although surrounded by the vast fields of the Mostviertel region, you can still climb high around Schloss THALHEIM. The nearby Hegerberg entices with stunning views over Kasten and the gentle hilly surroundings. Up at the peak you are rewarded with a fantastic panorama to the north, east and south as well as real down-to-earth cooking.

Neulengbach KulTOURpfad

On this hike through the municipality of Neulengbach you find out more about the history of the Vienna Woods and the Mostviertel region. Informative and appealingly designed stations tell you about the agriculture, inn life, river regulation, rail and road transport in the old days and explain the region's history and how important structures were built.

And wouldn't it be wonderful to spend your holiday in one of them soon? The Schloss THALHEIM hotel awaits you.

Enjoy the nature around Schloss THALHEIM

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