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Unique castle hotel near Vienna

Historical walls, an impressive setting, a first-class experience at Schloss THALHEIM hotel near Vienna

Enjoy your stay at Schloss THALHEIM

Regardless of where you're coming from, at which time of the year, in what mood you're in and how much time you have, head to the Schloss THALHEIM hotel in Lower Austria and you will be positively surprised and even amazed. You will love your visit and holiday here.

The vast grounds steeped in history with their historical wings, buildings and chapel have been carefully brought back to life, modernised and restored with an exceptional attention to detail. Situated almost exactly in the geographical centre of Lower Austria, located in the gently sloping hills of the Mostviertel region, surrounded by a magnificent park with old trees, roses and Baroque gardens is the Schloss THALHEIM luxury hotel.

A perfect symbiosis of the past and future

In the Schloss THALHEIM the old and established can coexist with the modern. Everything, even the tiniest details or references to the history and personality of this magical castle, has been picked up on. And where time has covered the traces, research was carried out, for example at the Austrian National Library in Vienna. As a result, numerous objects, parts of buildings and rooms in this unique castle are now visible again and can be experienced true to the original. For you and for anyone who wants to spend a holiday at the Schloss THALHEIM hotel.

Schloss THALHEIM reception
Hospitality is given top priority at Schloss THALHEIM

A first-class traditional empire

Naturally, it was ensured down to the tiniest detail when recreating the entire castle, grounds and surrounding gardens and outdoor areas that all the requirements of an exclusive historical hotel are met and maximum comfort is guaranteed on your holiday in all respects. There are various possibilities to feel at home, recharge your batteries, relax, enjoy a holiday or spend just a few wonderful hours within the historical walls of the Schloss THALHEIM hotel in a contemporary manner.

Celebrate or spend your holiday in a historical setting

Schloss THALHEIM is a feel-good oasis in the middle of Lower Austria's Mostviertel region. You can feel the history here and immerse yourself in uncomplicated luxury.

Situated within a comfortable driving distance to Vienna and numerous historical places in the surrounding area, for example Dürnstein in the Wachau region and Melk Abbey on the Danube to mention just two world-famous spots, Schloss THALHEIM is sure to be the perfect choice for your stay.

Regardless of whether you want to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or family party or if you are looking for a unique location for your seminar, whether you want to enjoy a few hours or take a holiday and unwind - Schloss THALHEIM is the place to be! Ask away in person or contact us by phone or by email. Take the first step now into the world of the Schloss THALHEIM hotel by submitting a non-binding enquiry.


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