Schloss Thalheim
Thalheim 22
3141 Kapelln

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

Any questions: +43 (0)2784 / 200 79

Exclusive Tea House at Thalheim Castle

Tea ceremonies & tea enjoyment

The Thalheim Castle Hotel is a cosmopolitan location in the vicinity of Vienna – and that in more than one way. Located in Lower Austria, our gates and doors are open to guests from all over the world and whatever their desires and expectations may be, we are committed to satisfying them. Yet we are deeply convinced that it is important to convey and work with seemingly foreign or to us new worlds, cultures and traditions so that, should you wish, we can also introduce them to you during your stay or visit on our premises.
The Tea House at Thalheim Castle is a very good example: In a way quite new in Austria, we celebrate the elixir tea and its sheer innumerable aspects in terms of taste and culture in the historic garden pavilion opposite the castle hotel and restaurant buildings. The pleasures of tea have not only enriched our lives and promoted our health for centuries – today as well each cup opens up a world of its own to the true tea lover.

Tea Time at Thalheim Castle

Every Thursday from 2 pm – 6 pm, it’s tee time at our Tea House. We serve a wide range of selected teas from well-known tea-producing countries, prepared in various ways, with delicious home-made pastries, honey and other delicacies. Seating is limited, therefore booking is requested.

Experience an original Chinese tea ceremony

The tea ceremony is a ritual act with an age-old tradition carried out with utmost concentration and following a precisely defined procedure by an expert master. At the Tea House of Thalheim Castle in the midst of the idyllic Mostviertel Region you can experience for yourself with all your senses the ceremonial preparation of your tea, accompanied by Chinese instrumental music such as Guzheng, Gugin or Pipa.
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