Schloss Thalheim
Thalheim 22
3141 Kapelln

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

Yoga & Meditation

Find your inner peace, relax your body, mind and soul

Look forward to the great variety of offers for body and soul at THALHEIM Castle in Kapelln.
THALHEIM Castle has been built on an age-old power place already used by the Celts and that energy helps us to recharge our batteries even today! Energy lines traverse the entire premises. Stones, impressive sandstone boulders that have rested in their place for more than a thousand years and flowers of life enhance the very special atmosphere of THALHEIM Castle.

Positive energy and inner balance

THALHEIM Castle has always been a very spiritual place radiating a positive energy that helps restore the balance between mind, body and soul. Large parts of the castle are dedicated to fostering our well-being as oases of peace and relaxation. Rooms for meditation and reflection help to recover and strengthen your inner balance. In addition, we offer a well-balanced range of spa treatments to our hotel guests.

Yoga- & Meditation at Thalheim Castle

Our unique yoga & meditation room is another highlight of Thalheim Castle’s interior architecture and fascinatingly combines the carpenters’ art of the late 16th century with the elegant Asiatic flair of today. Here you can practice Yoga, Qi Gong and other energetic movement teachings in order to regain your inner balance or activate new energies.
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