Schloss Thalheim
Thalheim 22
3141 Kapelln

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

+43 (0)2784 / 200 79

Any questions: +43 (0)2784 / 200 79

Wellness, therapy and pure relaxation

Look forward to the great variety of offers for body and soul at THALHEIM Castle -a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity but also a power place since olden times. The ideal setting for a relaxed and restorative holiday that will surpass your expectations!
Take some time out and enjoy a luxurious spa break at THALHEIM Castle set within a spacious peaceful park with meditation spots, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Our luxurious spa area is sure to relax and invigorate mind, body and soul.
The castle’s extensive park and many gardens promise peace and relaxation in close communion with nature. In particular, the beautiful Zen garden near the Tea House is a sight to behold!
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