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Austrian cosiness at a Heuriger tavern in Lower Austria

Try the great wines in the stunning outdoors and cosy ambience

Schloss THALHEIM is situated in the centre of Austria's wine country. The Traisental valley is famous for its top wines, as are the Kamptal valley, Kremstal valley and the nearby Wachau region.

There are numerous opportunities for you to be able to enjoy your free time around Schloss THALHEIM. Whether it's hiking, golfing, cycling, horse riding or tennis – but there is nothing quite as typically Austrian and typical for the region as a visit to a Heuriger tavern.

Wine from their own vineyard

A Heuriger or Buschenschank tavern, as the Heuriger is also known in some areas, primarily offers you excellent homegrown wines. Breads with savoury spreads, cold roast meats and other typically Austrian specialities are usually served with this. Nowadays the types of Heuriger taverns range from traditional wine inns with rustic wooden benches and cold food to elegant wine bars with award-winning dining.

It's the atmosphere that's really special

But what all the Heuriger taverns have in common is the unique atmosphere. In good weather you sit in picturesque gardens or surrounded by nature and simply enjoy life. Often, live music is played and melancholy songs are sung. And then there's the delicious wine! If you get the chance you definitely should not miss out on a visit to a Heuriger tavern – the unique memories of an unforgettable evening will stay with you for a long time to come. You will see, it's worth it!

Get information from our list of Heuriger taverns or from our staff

Browse through the list of Heuriger taverns in the region around Schloss THALHEIM and be inspired. Or simply ask our staff – we will be happy to recommend a Heuriger tavern to you that best meets your requirements and we will inform you about the current opening hours and offers.

The typical fair at Heuriger taverns around Schloss THALHEIM

Round off your stay at Schloss THALHEIM with a visit to a Heuriger tavern. Nowhere else can you get such a deep insight into the Austrian culture of cordiality and cosiness. Send us your no-obligation enquiry and look forward to wonderful evenings with culinary treats, typical flair and high spirits.